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Sales Training.

Sales Training and Sales Coaching Programs Tailored For You

Bernard Training Solutions understands that each company has different training requirements for their Sales Managers and Customer Service teams. We will custom design training for outside sales, inside sales, managers, VPs, CEOs and front line workers (customer service) to deliver the content that will increase productivity, increase profits and build your business!



There are many models of selling. However, whether you get your contacts through relationships, networking, referrals, word of mouth, hunting or farming, you must at one time or another make contact with your prospect to set up a discovery meeting. This means eventually using the telephone or another piece of technology. Most people put selling somewhere in between death and taxes—-something to be feared and if at all possible avoided. The fact is that selling is not easy. Why is selling so intimidating? No sales system! Bernard Training Solutions will provide you with a unique selling system that works. With the correct approach, coupled with persistence and confidence, you will get your first appointment with a prospect. It will maximize your ability to make the most effective use of this important sales tool, the telephone. This program will be hands-on to provide you with simple tools you can utilize to increase your confirmed appointments by getting through to the right people and ultimately, close the sale.

Pre-course Analysis

Through one-on-one consultation, we identify the learning objectives important to you prior to the seminar. It is important for the facilitator to appreciate each participant’s needs and prospecting challenges in order to tailor the program.

Achieving Sales Success

This customized program is designed specifically to confidently manage the entire sales process with effective dialogue to make that first appointment and close the deal.


  • Shift a prospect’s indifference to curiosity to commitment
  • Provide a custom designed sales coaching program
  • Examine the planning, goal setting and attitudinal qualities necessary to implement effective sales skills
  • Increase appointments by 30% to 50%
  • Become a Hunter vs. a Farmer
  • Develop an effective USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Defining Statement)
  • Stimulate Prospecting Lead Ideas
  • Handle objections (real life scenarios used on a conference call)
  • Increase your success ratio by 20% in converting prospects to clients
  • Manage voice mail
  • Handle the customer who invites you to “state your pitch”
  • Increase your bottom line – Put more money into your pocket and your business

Achieving Ultimate Sales Results

You bring the talent; Bernard Training Solutions provides a distinctive Sales System!

There is no doubt that you were hired for your sales experience and sales talents. The question I have for you is, “Do you have a Sales System?” Sales reps without formal sales training or a sales system, mostly wing it. One minute there are high fives that they got a sale, the next they are in desperation because they are not hitting their targets.

We provide a Sales System that will ‘Achieve Sales Success’. There are “Universal Laws in Sales” that you cannot get away from. Bernard Training will provide you with these universal sales laws. You will also be provided with industry specific sales tools to take you from being good to being great. You will arrive at our “Achieving Sales Success” sales course as a Sales Rep., but you will leave our sales course as Sale Professional. As you use and implement the Bernard Training Solutions Sales System, you will get the appointment and close the deal.

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