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Sales Coaching Program.



2- Day Sales Training Event

  • Shift a prospect’s indifference to curiosity to commitment – Redefine the sales process
  • Work through the fear
  • Examine the planning and attitudinal qualities necessary to implement effective sales skills
  • Reviewing the much needed balance and motivational tools to succeed in sales
  • Cold calling: hunting vs. farming, prospecting
  • Increase appointments by 20% to 40%
  • Develop an effective USP (Unique Selling Proposition/defining statement)
  • Stimulate prospecting lead ideas
  • Handle objections
  • Learn your behavior styles and how to work with other behaviors
  • Increase your close ratio by 20% in converting prospects to clients
  • Tools to ask for the business
  • Handle the customer who invites you to “state your pitch”
  • Manage voicemail and email
  • Learn to use an authentic approach in the selling process



There are many models of selling. However, whether you get your leads through relationships, networking, referrals, word of mouth, hunting or farming, you must at one time or another make contact with your prospect to set up a discovery meeting. This means using the telephone or another piece of technology. Most people put telephone prospecting somewhere in between death and taxes–something to be feared and if at all possible avoided. The fact is that telephone prospecting is not easy. Why is telephone prospecting so intimidating? No sales system! This Event will provide you with a unique prospecting system that works. With the correct approach, coupled with persistence and confidence, you will get your first appointment with a prospect. It will maximize your ability to make the most effective use of this important sales tool, the telephone. This program will be hands-on to provide you with simple tools you can utilize to increase your confirmed appointments by getting through to the right people and ultimately, close the sale.

Part I Pre-course Analysis

Through one-on-one consultation, we identify the learning objectives important to you prior to the seminar. It is important for the facilitator to appreciate each participant’s needs and prospecting challenges in order to tailor the program.

Part II Achieving Sales Success

This customized program is designed specifically to confidently manage the entire sales process with effective dialogue to make that first appointment and close the deal.

Day One

Planning and Preparation:

Planning is most often overlooked and yet it is the cornerstone for effective sales. Planning both the physical environment as well as the mental environment is essential.

  • Pre-call planning
  • Life balance
  • Reduce rejection tension
  • Acknowledging and punching through fear
  • Introduce the 5 P’s of planning
  • 80/20 principle that works
  • Time management
  • 60/40 rule

Generating Leads: Prospecting is the backbone of a successful business. Techniques for finding qualified leads are identified. Knowing where and how to get contacts is essential in the sales process.

Moving Indifference to Curiosity to Commitment: We introduce the importance of a powerful well-developed script. We dissect what you “must have” in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to differentiate yourself from the competitor. We keep it simple and practical to commit it to memory. Participants will walk away from the course, with their own industry specific USP. This will be interactive as you need a place to be bad before you are placed in front of a qualified prospect.

Part III

In this section we will discover how personality types can affect the sales call and how understanding behavioral styles will provide the advantage in closing the sale.

We provide the tools to successfully close the deal and effectively ask for the business.

Day Two

Part IV

Closing the sale. Even the most veteran of salespeople can walk away from a sales call empty handed. He may have a great sales pitch, but he could be feature dumping his

way to frustration and wondering why he is not closing more sales. In this section we offer the correct way to close the sale. Asking for the sale is often a missed opportunity. We build your confidence to ask for the sale.

Part V

We put the system together. We offer a place to be bad. We send you on your way to building sales by building the confidence to make your calls. We will provide the tools to get your appointments and close the sale.

Part VI

We provide a great resource for you to continue your personal and professional evolution. Sales Coaching is available for each participant when needed.

Follow Up

Bernard Training Solutions will follow up with management and/or participants to discuss feedback from the session. Participant evaluation forms are available for review.

Success in business is not a mystery… IT IS A SYSTEM

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