How do I have two jobs in this market?

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Tiffiny Yaxley, VP of Business Development

If you haven’t already heard, on top of my work with Roke Technologies as Canadian Solutions Manager, I’ve taken on the role of VP Business Development with Bernard Training Solutions.

After working with Mark Bernard, Bernard Training Solutions, on his two day course (Achieving Sales Success, Growing Your Business) I wanted to; learn more, be better, and use this hard time in the industry to develop my skills as a sales person and human. It’s very hard to take advantage of “slow times” in this industry, as most of the time I’d rather just hide somewhere and wait it out in my pajamas watching Netflix marathons. Seeing so many good people lose their jobs is so disheartening and makes it difficult to keep a positive outlook on life. The training with Mark helped me make the decision to be a “Sales Entrepreneur” and take control of what I can.

Obviously the Oil and Gas industry in going through tough times, and service providers are feeling it more than ever. The market that is left for the service sector to go after is much smaller and fiercely competitive.  Not only is the Oil and Gas sector affected, but all the “trickle down” industries are feeling the crunch too.

What are companies to do? Layoffs, salary cuts, sell equipment, etc. This is the brutal reality we are facing. However, for the companies that still hang on, it is in their best interest to have top notch sales people at the front lines. This is where I’ve seen the most value from working with Bernard Training. The skills provided and practiced have helped keep me motivated and excited about the products I sell. Understanding where customers are coming from and their needs is paramount for all sales professionals, now more than ever, as budgets are being cut and the bottom line is the number one priority. I’ve been able to hone my skills around relaying the value of the products, while still listening to customers needs and working with them on several aspects of the deal.

Working with Mark has been a great fit for me, as the program he offers is; simple, has practical interaction and easy to implement work flow changes. The best thing is that he brings humour and energy to the room. Mark is an author of two books, “Mastering the Art of Success” and “Sales Gurus Speak Out” and an expert in the industry.

I guess to summarize, sales training hasn’t just helped me be a better sales professional, but it continues to motivate me to get through these hard times we are all facing, and has proven to be of value to both organizations I work with.

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