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Mark Bernard

Mark Bernard is more than an energetic speaker, trainer and sales coach. Mark’s infectious enthusiasm and passion radiate on the platform. Mark is co-author of the Canadian best seller “Sales Gurus Speak Out”. He also co-authored “Mastering the Art of Success”, with Jack Canfield, Les Brown and Mark Victor Hansen, which has become a best seller.

He is the founder of Bernard Training Solutions, which specializes in Customized Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Management Coaching, Management Training, Personal Development, Customer Service and Consulting. He has helped Sales Teams, CEOs and Top Leadership Executives to grow their business to new heights with his program “Achieving Sales Success Growing Your Business.”

Mark has 27 years of diverse experience in sales, telephone prospecting, entrepreneurship, behavioral management, conflict resolution and mediation, personal development, life experience, negotiations, and operations management. He uses this experience to teach, to motivate and to empower his audience. When facilitating sales training, one-on-one coaching sessions, or presenting seminars, he combines the internal examination of issues with practical techniques and valuable tools. His sales system motivates individuals and teams to put these tools to use to get powerful results.

Mark Bernard believes we are all on a personal quest to determine the challenges that hold us back, to examine the issues that cause us difficulties, and to find solutions to take us where we want our lives to go.

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